Magickal Fowl

Long time, no post! I’ve been so preoccupied with school, I haven’t had much time for art-related blogging.

After over a year of no polished digital art, I’m making my comeback wiiiiiith…

Wizard chicken!

Here’s the initial sketch, which I was originally just going to use as a design concept for a more dynamically posed painting…wizchicken_wip1

…but then I got pretty invested in what I was drawing and ended up with some nice (although undersized compared to the resolution I’d usually work at) lineart. Woo!wizchicken_wip2

Base colours determining the light source and such!

Adding more colour, strengthening the highlights and shadows.wizchicken_wip4

More of the same process, adding some feather details and such.wizchicken_wip5

ALMOST DONE. There’s a background now! Woo! And magical energy stuff and more splatter texture abuse!wizchicken_wip6

And after being indecisive and playing around with colour adjustments, I finally ended up with this! Yay colours!wizchicken

So yes. I’m hoping to improve my use of colour and understanding of light/shadow. If things go well, I’ll find the time and inspiration to do more than one piece of art each year! It was pretty fun to work on and a nice break from animating.

I have actually done a lot of sketching during the last year at least, just not a lot of coloured work.


Get Your Own WIP II

Original: 6th Nov, 2011

I’ve been working on that ‘Get Your Own’ image some more!

I adjusted the girl’s pose and gave her some clothes. I’m not entirely sure I’ll be keeping her current clothing colours, so that may change in the future. I changed the dragon’s head position and expression. This time, I was going for a sort of ‘eager dopey dog wants your food’ type of look.

And, of course, I added base colours to give myself and others an idea of where I was going with the look of the environment.

Get Your Own WIP

Original: 5th Nov, 2011

Or, that will be the title for now. I might change it later, but who knows.

Anyway, after working on that Sleepy Forest thing for a while and receiving some helpful critique on it, I decided to rethink my approach to an autumnal scene. So now I’m challenging myself not only with a full nature scene, but also character interaction and drawing and painting a human being.

I’m probably going to adjust the dragon’s facial expression and head position to make it look more like it was just trying to sneak a lick of whatever hot beverage your imagination desires to be in that mug. I’ll have to examine that girl’s proportions and pose a little more to make sure everything’s okay and make any necessary adjustments, then I’ll move onto colouring!

Lantern Phoenix WIP

Original: 18th Aug, 2011

Well, that’s it’s title for now. I might change it later if I can think of something more interesting. Anyway, I’ve been craving lately to do some traditional art (mainly watercolour painting), so I thought of an image I could try to paint and have started! Hooray! I’m not incredibly confident in my ability to use watercolours well since I use them rarely compared to how often I do digital art, and they are two mediums which work very differently.

After much mental debate, I decided to use one of my watercolour boards rather than watercolour paper to paint on since I don’t have to worry about paper warping. My watercolour boards are also the largest sized anythings I have for watercolour paintings at the moment (11″x14″. The paper is a bit smaller). So, here’s a poor-quality photo of what I have so far because this is too big to fit into my scanner!

It’s night, so I have no natural lighting to use to make the photo clearer. Maybe I’ll take another one tomorrow, if I can be bothered. At the bottom, you can see my lovely pencil, and that grey lump thing below it is my kneaded eraser, which is a fantastic eraser that you can mould into any shape. You can pinch part of it into a point to erase tiny details, or you can flatten it a bit to erase a large area. They erase things really well too and without damaging the paper you’re rubbing much.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep those stars… I’m starting to think I’d be better off getting rid of them rather than trying to paint around them or whatever. The whole idea behind this painting is that there will be sort of wavy light streams emanating from the lantern in the middle there. I’m hoping to incorporate various swirls and things to try and make it all seem more ‘magical’, but we’ll see. My plan currently is to give the phoenix thing peacock colours, so it will be blue/green. Maybe I’ll even use iridescent paint for that *because I do have iridescent greens and blues*. And peacock feathers are iridescent anyway. So that would be fancy. The lantern will give off yellow light, and the background will sort of fade to orange and then purpley red near the edges. Or something like that. With swirls. And maybe clouds. Maybe swirly clouds. I really don’t know, but I’d better have a decent plan before I start painting because I can’t redo things once I’ve painted them.

So yes. I suppose I’ll start painting tomorrow and might take photos of my progress along the way. I’ll probably fix some asymmetrical bits and any other problems I might see, then go over all the pencil lines, squishing my eraser against them to really lighten them all before I begin, otherwise the excess pencil will bleed into the water and paint and create muddy greyness.

Dolphin Wrangling WIP

Original: 1st Aug, 2011

I’ve been doing some reading about colour theory and colour harmonies recently and wanting to paint some things to test this new knowledge in action! I’ve done some little practise paintings which I uploaded to Photobucket and meant to write about here but uh… couldn’t really find the motivation to post! But today, I whimsically started on this:

Yes, it is a cat riding a dolphin. Not my usual subject matter, but it’s good for a change of pace, right?? I wanted a sort of cowboy-on-rearing-horse type of atmosphere, so I chose a sunset colour scheme:

I chose four colours for the colour scheme and have been mixing them to get different shades of orange and green, then using the Eyedropper to sample the mixed colours. My ‘palette’, you could call it, is that mess of colours in the top right corner! Exciting!

And this is how far I am currently. I’ll probably work on the highlights of the dolphin and want to uh… ‘sharpen’ the look of the water (since it looks sort of blurry at the moment) as well as add some more contrast amongst the waves. I still have to colour the cat and look up some references so I can draw a cowboy hat thing at the right angle! I’ll likely add more work in progress images as the evening goes on.

Edit 9:00pm:
I’ve worked on it some more and here is both the next work in progress shot and the finished version!

I struggled a lot with the lighting/shading in this one, especially on the cat. It’s not every day that I try to shade things where the light source is behind the subjects…! I ended up doing all sorts of intricate details on the cat, like drawing individual ear hairs, only to realise in the end that I was going to be shrinking this and that all the detail would be lost. I should try not to get so carried away next time…!

Sketch Dragon

Original: 24th June, 2011

Another art I’ve done while away in the UK, which I’m not going to type much about, but want to show somewhere on my site, as with my previous art posted here!

This was drawn in my sketchbook with a mechanical pencil over the course of an hour or so. It feels nice to use a pencil instead of my tablet stylus for a drawing for once. Of course, doing art on a 10 inch laptop screen with less vibrant colours isn’t exactly practical.

I had to photograph the drawing with my camera since I currently cannot use my scanner, which is on the other side of the planet! I tried to use a texture overlay to make the awkward dark and light patches less noticeable…!

HeartGold Work In Progress

Original: 6th Feb, 2011

On a whim, and upon thinking that the next generation of Pokemon games are going to be released outside of Japan next month, so there’s ‘not much time to do this’, I decided to jump on the draw-your-pokemon bandwagon. So here are some work in progress shots of what is apparently my HeartGold team:

This is my beautiful thumbnail which I enlarged to fill the whole canvas. So detailed and beautiful it is. My thoughts were something like, “Now that I’ve drawn this, I’ll probably spend five minutes on it, get bored, and quit! Yay!”
But then it reached level 16 and evolved into this:

So it turned out that I actually could draw my pokemon! That’s a first! But yes. Sketches sketches sketches. It’s a bit messy since they all overlap eachother. I also didn’t work out many of the details with that pidgeot and am not sure how I feel about its left (our right) wing…! It seems slightly not in the right position.
But then the drawing reached level 36 and evolved into this:

I’ve done most of the inking now. But I lost steam when I got to the pidgeot and was struggling to draw straight lines and my hand was making plenty of crackly noises from use, so I’ve put it away from now. (And now my hand feels like there’s too much blood rushing into it…! And is itchy! If only I had robotic hands.)

I’ll continue with it tomorrow probably and finish it, but for now I rest.

(I’ve been working on it for about five hours at this point.)