Charizard Complete

Original: 29th Apr, 2011

After much procrastination, I finally finished Charizard!

This colouring style was very experimental for me, which resulted in a rather high number of layers as I created new ones to try things I wasn’t sure would work… Normally, I try to keep as few layers as possible (Like… fewer than 10) to avoid confusion and keep my workspace tidy, though I probably have somewhere between 30 and 40 layers for this, which felt cluttered. I ended up combining soft shading and cel shading, and my cel shading feels so rusty since it’s been years since I used that style of shading regularly.

Hopefully I learned something from approaching this image in such a different manner to usual.

And if you like this image, you can download some nice wallpapers of it!

Fullscreen Wallpaper
Widescreen Wallpaper


Charizard WIP II

Original: 27th Apr, 2011

I finally made some colour-related progress on this Charizard image!

I’m not sure if I’ll keep going with those patterns from its head to its chest or not… They’re interesting to look at, but moreso if you’re zoomed in on the image. They sort of just mush together when you view them at the smaller size they’d probably be displayed at on the web.

I probably have some cropping to do as it seems there is unnecessary extra space at the bottom. I still have to shade the wings and the inside of its mouth, and I obviously still need to colour the fire!

It’s been so long since I attempted to cel-shade anything that it feels awkward and uh… well… strange! Even though I’m cel-shading on top of some softer shading, but still.

Flamethrower Charizard

Original: 23rd Apr, 2011

It’s been a while since I updated this art bloggy thing of mine, though that’s only because I’ve been spending more time working on my website than on art, so I haven’t really had anything to show.

Anyway, today I wanted to draw *something*, and I ended up drawing Charizard for whatever reason.

I started with that somewhat difficult-to-comprehend scribble in the top left corner, trying to aim for some sort of actiony pose. I created a new layer over that, using it as a guide until I progressed to that vague drawing in the top right corner. Then, after trying to redraw its right leg (our left) several times due to being unsatisfied with its positioning, I ended up with that bigger drawing that takes up most of the image there.

I wanted some even nicer, more refined lines though and wanted to correct a few mistakes, so I drew over the whole thing until I ended up with this:

That, I suppose, is the final line art! Which I will colour, though I also might refine some more scribbly parts of Charizard’s flame breath. So yes! I suppose I’ll be working away on that until I either finish, get bored, or my hand hurts too much!

HeartGold Complete

Original: 7th Feb, 2011

And now it is a finished art full of Pokemon!

I don’t have any work in progress shots since the last one, unfortunately! I should have taken one when I filled in all the flat colours, but oh well. You can watch the whole thing get coloured from start to finish since I saved the stream I did on LiveStream!

Oh wait, I actually do have this image of the completed lines:

HeartGold Work In Progress

Original: 6th Feb, 2011

On a whim, and upon thinking that the next generation of Pokemon games are going to be released outside of Japan next month, so there’s ‘not much time to do this’, I decided to jump on the draw-your-pokemon bandwagon. So here are some work in progress shots of what is apparently my HeartGold team:

This is my beautiful thumbnail which I enlarged to fill the whole canvas. So detailed and beautiful it is. My thoughts were something like, “Now that I’ve drawn this, I’ll probably spend five minutes on it, get bored, and quit! Yay!”
But then it reached level 16 and evolved into this:

So it turned out that I actually could draw my pokemon! That’s a first! But yes. Sketches sketches sketches. It’s a bit messy since they all overlap eachother. I also didn’t work out many of the details with that pidgeot and am not sure how I feel about its left (our right) wing…! It seems slightly not in the right position.
But then the drawing reached level 36 and evolved into this:

I’ve done most of the inking now. But I lost steam when I got to the pidgeot and was struggling to draw straight lines and my hand was making plenty of crackly noises from use, so I’ve put it away from now. (And now my hand feels like there’s too much blood rushing into it…! And is itchy! If only I had robotic hands.)

I’ll continue with it tomorrow probably and finish it, but for now I rest.

(I’ve been working on it for about five hours at this point.)

Varkris Speedpaint Thing

Original: 2nd Feb, 2011

This is hardly worth making a blog entry thing about, but I feel like I should increase my internet activity or something. Anyway, this totally makes up for Saturday’s missed colouring session, right??

It’s a varkris from one of my favouritest games ever, Skies of Arcadia. It’s just some random monster you can find around a certain region in that game, but apparently I found it memorable enough to not forget its name. In fact, there are probably numerous monsters I remember the names and locations of. I’d probably one day like to paint scenes incorporating the scenery of the planet in that game since it’s a pretty, pretty sky planet. One day. When I’m better. Yes.

Those feathers are such totally amazing blobs of paint that I splopped onto the digital canvas there. They’re just lighter coloured blobs that I quickly poked onto the body rather than anything very carefully thought out. I’ve been so happy since those many ages ago when I discovered I could hold Alt to temporarily switch to the eyedropper tool in Photoshop. I can just grab a lighter colour with that in the blink of an eye and start blobbing more feathers into slightly darker areas right after releasing Alt. So handy! It helps when I’ve got lots of gradients and different colours everywhere and want to make quick adjustments without having to switch tools via the tools window thing or *whatever*.

I feel as though my art has boggly eye syndrome though. I need to work on fitting eyes into the face without making look like they stand out in a really cut-and-paste way.

But damn. It’s Anatomy Practise Wednesday today. I should stop letting myself be lazy and behind in practise sessions. I should practise every day! Constantly! And in my sleep! So I suppose it’s time to get out the ol’ anatomy book and start drawing muscles and skeletons of animals again. One day I’ll absorb all the information the quadrupedal body has to offer. I need bird anatomy books too though. It’s hard to find good muscle diagrams for bird bodies (rather than just their wings or something) just by doing image searches online and it’s handy to just have some book next to me instead of switching between Photoshop and web browser or needing to rely on my computer at all instead of just drawing in my sketchbook somewhere.

Lugia Doodle

Original: 13th Jan, 2011

I managed to get in my hour of anatomy studying today and the result of it can be found in my Photobucket. After that, I just went back to playing Arc Rise Fantasia, but then got sort of annoyed by the need to grind if I want to stand a chance against the next boss, so I returned to my computer for more art. I ended up drawing this:

I was being quick and experimental, so the result is uh… questionable and unrefined and so on…! Maybe at least overall the colours look pretty or something. o_O

I’d like to paint some proper, refined image worth submitting to my gallery, but I’m struggling to have the patience or uh… confidence. It maybe seems silly that after all the many pieces of artwork I’ve created, I’d end up feeling all unconfident about drawing something new worth submitting, but since I don’t really have much in mind that I’m jumping up and down with excitement about painting, I end up feeling stuck worrying about coming up with something that will both meet my standards of quality and hold my interest until it’s finished.

For now, I suppose I’m relatively content getting smaller things done. Hopefully all the practise will lead up to me working on something bigger and more exciting! Maybe.