Magickal Fowl

Long time, no post! I’ve been so preoccupied with school, I haven’t had much time for art-related blogging.

After over a year of no polished digital art, I’m making my comeback wiiiiiith…

Wizard chicken!

Here’s the initial sketch, which I was originally just going to use as a design concept for a more dynamically posed painting…wizchicken_wip1

…but then I got pretty invested in what I was drawing and ended up with some nice (although undersized compared to the resolution I’d usually work at) lineart. Woo!wizchicken_wip2

Base colours determining the light source and such!

Adding more colour, strengthening the highlights and shadows.wizchicken_wip4

More of the same process, adding some feather details and such.wizchicken_wip5

ALMOST DONE. There’s a background now! Woo! And magical energy stuff and more splatter texture abuse!wizchicken_wip6

And after being indecisive and playing around with colour adjustments, I finally ended up with this! Yay colours!wizchicken

So yes. I’m hoping to improve my use of colour and understanding of light/shadow. If things go well, I’ll find the time and inspiration to do more than one piece of art each year! It was pretty fun to work on and a nice break from animating.

I have actually done a lot of sketching during the last year at least, just not a lot of coloured work.


Get Your Own Complete

I never wrote a blog entry for the completed image! I finished it last December, so I can’t remember what I might’ve wanted to write about. Here it is anyway!

As much as I loved those rocks to the right and put so much effort into them, that whole right-side chunk of the image really doesn’t add anything compositionally…! As always though, the image was a huge learning experience!

Skribble Gryphons Complete

Original: 7th Aug, 2011

Well, I managed to finish the artwork I’ve called ‘Skribble Gryphons’! Yay! Huzzah! But first, I’ll post some early work in progress pictures to show where the whole process started!

At this point, it’s a really vague mush of colours. I was just working out the colour scheme and would later build the more detailed painting on top of that. (It’s not as tall as the images I posted yesterday because I cropped the file I was working with in Photoshop and hid all the other layers of the painting to show the layer I started with, saving that as this work in progress image.)

At this point, I start adding some basic shading, trying to work out how the lighting will work in this image. I added some glow from the moon and lanterns and scribbled leaves in leafy places using a leaf brush I made recently. This was mostly to give me a better idea of what it might look like and give the picture some texture I could build on more than anything. (It’s also helpful to have all these different colours everywhere because I use the Eyedropper a lot to switch colours, taking colours from other places in the same image to make sure the colour scheme is consistent and so on.)

I often have problems with contrast, so I tried to tackle this early on by adding dark shadows and bright highlights where I could right at the start instead of jumping into detail and then realising later that all my colours are off. It’s good to do as much of this type of ‘planning’ as possible before jumping into detail to prevent those sorts of ‘oh no, I should have done this instead!’ situations.

And here’s the finished image:

Dolphin Wrangling WIP

Original: 1st Aug, 2011

I’ve been doing some reading about colour theory and colour harmonies recently and wanting to paint some things to test this new knowledge in action! I’ve done some little practise paintings which I uploaded to Photobucket and meant to write about here but uh… couldn’t really find the motivation to post! But today, I whimsically started on this:

Yes, it is a cat riding a dolphin. Not my usual subject matter, but it’s good for a change of pace, right?? I wanted a sort of cowboy-on-rearing-horse type of atmosphere, so I chose a sunset colour scheme:

I chose four colours for the colour scheme and have been mixing them to get different shades of orange and green, then using the Eyedropper to sample the mixed colours. My ‘palette’, you could call it, is that mess of colours in the top right corner! Exciting!

And this is how far I am currently. I’ll probably work on the highlights of the dolphin and want to uh… ‘sharpen’ the look of the water (since it looks sort of blurry at the moment) as well as add some more contrast amongst the waves. I still have to colour the cat and look up some references so I can draw a cowboy hat thing at the right angle! I’ll likely add more work in progress images as the evening goes on.

Edit 9:00pm:
I’ve worked on it some more and here is both the next work in progress shot and the finished version!

I struggled a lot with the lighting/shading in this one, especially on the cat. It’s not every day that I try to shade things where the light source is behind the subjects…! I ended up doing all sorts of intricate details on the cat, like drawing individual ear hairs, only to realise in the end that I was going to be shrinking this and that all the detail would be lost. I should try not to get so carried away next time…!

Charizard Complete

Original: 29th Apr, 2011

After much procrastination, I finally finished Charizard!

This colouring style was very experimental for me, which resulted in a rather high number of layers as I created new ones to try things I wasn’t sure would work… Normally, I try to keep as few layers as possible (Like… fewer than 10) to avoid confusion and keep my workspace tidy, though I probably have somewhere between 30 and 40 layers for this, which felt cluttered. I ended up combining soft shading and cel shading, and my cel shading feels so rusty since it’s been years since I used that style of shading regularly.

Hopefully I learned something from approaching this image in such a different manner to usual.

And if you like this image, you can download some nice wallpapers of it!

Fullscreen Wallpaper
Widescreen Wallpaper

Breezy Cliff Complete

Original: 17th Feb, 2011

I meant to write about this sooner, but I didn’t really have the energy to…! Anyway, obviously, this ‘Breezy Cliff’ image is complete!

I sort of rushed the remaining bits since I wanted it done and felt like I just couldn’t bring myself to work on it for much longer…! So I swept over it with some more colours, added some sparkly splatter textures, flower petals and stuff and called it finished! I’m pleased with how it came out even if it feels like I should have done more work on it than I did and it makes me look forward to whatever I end up creating next!

I did the remaining bits of work in Photoshop CS5 since I downloaded a free trial of that to see what it was like. I haven’t yet had much of a look at its new features since I didn’t really have much work left to do with this artwork, so other than the interface being somewhat different, my experience painting with it was much the same as usual, using all the same keyboard shortcuts to do what I normally do and whatnot. I want to see what sorts of fancy new brush settings may exist in it though, so I’ll have to play around with that as much as I can before my meagre thirty days are up!

HeartGold Complete

Original: 7th Feb, 2011

And now it is a finished art full of Pokemon!

I don’t have any work in progress shots since the last one, unfortunately! I should have taken one when I filled in all the flat colours, but oh well. You can watch the whole thing get coloured from start to finish since I saved the stream I did on LiveStream!

Oh wait, I actually do have this image of the completed lines: