Magickal Fowl

Long time, no post! I’ve been so preoccupied with school, I haven’t had much time for art-related blogging.

After over a year of no polished digital art, I’m making my comeback wiiiiiith…

Wizard chicken!

Here’s the initial sketch, which I was originally just going to use as a design concept for a more dynamically posed painting…wizchicken_wip1

…but then I got pretty invested in what I was drawing and ended up with some nice (although undersized compared to the resolution I’d usually work at) lineart. Woo!wizchicken_wip2

Base colours determining the light source and such!

Adding more colour, strengthening the highlights and shadows.wizchicken_wip4

More of the same process, adding some feather details and such.wizchicken_wip5

ALMOST DONE. There’s a background now! Woo! And magical energy stuff and more splatter texture abuse!wizchicken_wip6

And after being indecisive and playing around with colour adjustments, I finally ended up with this! Yay colours!wizchicken

So yes. I’m hoping to improve my use of colour and understanding of light/shadow. If things go well, I’ll find the time and inspiration to do more than one piece of art each year! It was pretty fun to work on and a nice break from animating.

I have actually done a lot of sketching during the last year at least, just not a lot of coloured work.


Lantern Phoenix WIP

Original: 18th Aug, 2011

Well, that’s it’s title for now. I might change it later if I can think of something more interesting. Anyway, I’ve been craving lately to do some traditional art (mainly watercolour painting), so I thought of an image I could try to paint and have started! Hooray! I’m not incredibly confident in my ability to use watercolours well since I use them rarely compared to how often I do digital art, and they are two mediums which work very differently.

After much mental debate, I decided to use one of my watercolour boards rather than watercolour paper to paint on since I don’t have to worry about paper warping. My watercolour boards are also the largest sized anythings I have for watercolour paintings at the moment (11″x14″. The paper is a bit smaller). So, here’s a poor-quality photo of what I have so far because this is too big to fit into my scanner!

It’s night, so I have no natural lighting to use to make the photo clearer. Maybe I’ll take another one tomorrow, if I can be bothered. At the bottom, you can see my lovely pencil, and that grey lump thing below it is my kneaded eraser, which is a fantastic eraser that you can mould into any shape. You can pinch part of it into a point to erase tiny details, or you can flatten it a bit to erase a large area. They erase things really well too and without damaging the paper you’re rubbing much.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep those stars… I’m starting to think I’d be better off getting rid of them rather than trying to paint around them or whatever. The whole idea behind this painting is that there will be sort of wavy light streams emanating from the lantern in the middle there. I’m hoping to incorporate various swirls and things to try and make it all seem more ‘magical’, but we’ll see. My plan currently is to give the phoenix thing peacock colours, so it will be blue/green. Maybe I’ll even use iridescent paint for that *because I do have iridescent greens and blues*. And peacock feathers are iridescent anyway. So that would be fancy. The lantern will give off yellow light, and the background will sort of fade to orange and then purpley red near the edges. Or something like that. With swirls. And maybe clouds. Maybe swirly clouds. I really don’t know, but I’d better have a decent plan before I start painting because I can’t redo things once I’ve painted them.

So yes. I suppose I’ll start painting tomorrow and might take photos of my progress along the way. I’ll probably fix some asymmetrical bits and any other problems I might see, then go over all the pencil lines, squishing my eraser against them to really lighten them all before I begin, otherwise the excess pencil will bleed into the water and paint and create muddy greyness.

Terroc Scribblings

Original: 4th May, 2011

I’ve been itching to do art lately but can never quite muster the motivation to really sit down for hours and draw something uninterruptedly (maybe because I feel like I have a million things to pay attention to at once, so I feel distracted). I did manage to churn this out for the sake of practising though:

It’s pretty rough and scribbly and I probably spent more time on the clouds in the background than I did on the foreground things. I think I redid the clouds three or so times, trying to get them to look more cloud-like, but clouds are hard and I need to study them more!

This was just meant to be a speed painting thing though since I didn’t want to spend ages on anything. So I just scribbled here and there until I got bored with the idea of trying to fix the shading and make it look sensible. o_O

That terroc in the foreground is also meant to be holding a spear in those curled fingers, but I forgot to colour that bit…! It’s in the sketch I drew before colouring, at least…

Varkris Speedpaint Thing

Original: 2nd Feb, 2011

This is hardly worth making a blog entry thing about, but I feel like I should increase my internet activity or something. Anyway, this totally makes up for Saturday’s missed colouring session, right??

It’s a varkris from one of my favouritest games ever, Skies of Arcadia. It’s just some random monster you can find around a certain region in that game, but apparently I found it memorable enough to not forget its name. In fact, there are probably numerous monsters I remember the names and locations of. I’d probably one day like to paint scenes incorporating the scenery of the planet in that game since it’s a pretty, pretty sky planet. One day. When I’m better. Yes.

Those feathers are such totally amazing blobs of paint that I splopped onto the digital canvas there. They’re just lighter coloured blobs that I quickly poked onto the body rather than anything very carefully thought out. I’ve been so happy since those many ages ago when I discovered I could hold Alt to temporarily switch to the eyedropper tool in Photoshop. I can just grab a lighter colour with that in the blink of an eye and start blobbing more feathers into slightly darker areas right after releasing Alt. So handy! It helps when I’ve got lots of gradients and different colours everywhere and want to make quick adjustments without having to switch tools via the tools window thing or *whatever*.

I feel as though my art has boggly eye syndrome though. I need to work on fitting eyes into the face without making look like they stand out in a really cut-and-paste way.

But damn. It’s Anatomy Practise Wednesday today. I should stop letting myself be lazy and behind in practise sessions. I should practise every day! Constantly! And in my sleep! So I suppose it’s time to get out the ol’ anatomy book and start drawing muscles and skeletons of animals again. One day I’ll absorb all the information the quadrupedal body has to offer. I need bird anatomy books too though. It’s hard to find good muscle diagrams for bird bodies (rather than just their wings or something) just by doing image searches online and it’s handy to just have some book next to me instead of switching between Photoshop and web browser or needing to rely on my computer at all instead of just drawing in my sketchbook somewhere.

Not much art to show…

Original: 9th Sept, 2010

For the last while, I’ve been sort of avoiding internet community things and sort of taking a break from art as well in favour of activities such as Neopets or playing Super Mario Galaxy. I’ve not been practising very hard and have instead just been uh… trying not to worry much about art and the feelings of inadequacy it often produces.

This is about all I have to show other than whatever I’ve uploaded to Photobucket. I’ll probably get back to art soon since I’m almost done with Super Mario Galaxy and I’ll need something to do to fill in the time that game once occupied…! I sort of miss drawing frequently, so I hope I can get back to practising and painting and not just end up spending loads of time procrastinating.

(Hmm. I just realised how inconsistently I draw terroc nostrils. There are at least three finished pieces of artwork I’ve done where the nostrils are close to that darker beak tip, though they should actually be closer to the eyes like in that image up there…!)

A Firequillish Sketch

Original: 17th June, 2010

For days, I’ve mostly been drawing tigers and trying to improve at those, though most of the drawings I’ve done and kept are in my sketchbook, which I haven’t scanned or anything, so I can’t show those. Today though, I ended up drawing this thing since I sort of wanted to draw a more recent version of Firequill:

I’m satisfied with how the upper body turned out, but I’ve been having troubles with the positioning of the legs and I’m also unsure of how to make the individual feathers of the wings look good…! It’s unfortunate that I seem to find this discouraging rather than just thinking of it as a challenge to be overcome; it makes me want to run away from the image altogether. I’m hoping I’ll continue with it tomorrow rather than leaving it be, but uh… we shall see…!

2010 Firequill

Original: 16th Jan, 2010

Sometime within the last few days (time is such a blur that I can’t even remember when I was working on this…!), I started working on this drawing and have been making layer after layer of sketches on top of sketches to try to correct mistakes and get it closer to how I want it to look.

2010 Firequill - Work in Progress

I’ve been having so much trouble finding a good position for the legs though… I’ve drawn them in various different positions, but none of them really look right and I’m not sure what to do about it, so I’m not sure if I’ll even get around to colouring this thing. It seems unlikely, but who knows. I might just start over and try a different pose, though I do want to keep the wing perspective I’ve currently got since it seems somewhat dynamic. I’d also like the rest of the pose to be more dynamic, so maybe it would be good idea to start over anyway.

I haven’t been doing as much art as I would like recently though due to university courses having started a few days ago and worrying about or distracting myself from worry about that by playing games rather than being productive has been consuming my time and focus. I have been trying to draw wolves or other doggish things though, plus whatever other creatures end up coming to mind, but those sketches are in my sketchbook and not really worth scanning and showing since they’re not especially interesting or detailed or anything.