Commission Info

This information is copied directly from my deviantART journal. You can pop on over there to look at the example artwork during this time I’m working on formatting!

Currently not open for commissions! Sorry!

Prices and Examples

Many of these prices vary depending on character complexity. Some things that may increase the price of your commission are: feathered wings, lots of bushy/swirly fur, more than one set of wings, complex markings or scale/plate patterns or other intricate body textures.

Sketch $10

A digital sketch with some crosshatched shading of a single character. Let me know if you don’t want the crosshatching!

:thumb195409145: :thumb273021567: :thumb273967271:
Extra characters + $5 each

Lineart $25

Crisp, clean lines of a single character. Minimal background elements optional (as in example 2)

Example 1 – Charizard
Example 2 – Sypher

Extra characters + $15 each

Price will vary depending on character complexity. The Charizard in Example 1 would cost $25, but the fur and wings in Example 2 would bump the price up to $35.

Flats +$5

I will add flat colours to any sketch or lineart commission for an extra $5! Let me know if you don’t want a textured background as seen in the first two examples or would prefer a transparent PNG like the Boneparrot Dragon example!

:thumb168031041: :thumb211673293:
Example – Boneparrot Dragon Flats

Extra characters +$3 each

Cel Shading With Lines $30

:thumb206924717: :thumb217625068: :thumb274435545:
Extra characters +$20 each

Price will vary depending on character complexity.

Soft Shading With Lines $45

A fully coloured and shaded artwork of your character with crisp lines. Very minimal background elements may be included as shown in the examples.

:thumb199250840: :thumb137377643:
Extra characters +$30 each

Price will vary depending on character complexity.

Lineless Character $50

A more painterly rendition of your character without lines. Let me know if you don’t want the textured background as seen in the examples or would prefer a transparent PNG!

:thumb194633341: :thumb193317346:
Extra characters +$35 each
Price will vary depending on character complexity. Detailed fur and feathers, complex scale patterns or markings, extra limbs, etc., will likely increase the price.

As a note, complex scale patterns + feathered wings may cost more around $70.

Digital Painting $100+

A detailed painting of your character with a carefully painted background.

:thumb197594307: :thumb269770252: :thumb274946259:

Extra characters +$35 each

Price will vary depending on complexity of the scene and character(s) involved.

A note about backgrounds
I will add proper backgrounds to any of the commission types, I just don’t seem to have any examples with backgrounds to show other than the Digital Painting examples! A background will add to the cost of the commission depending on how complex it is. Feel free to ask how much the background you have in mind would cost!

Terms of Service and General Info

What You Will Receive

  • For all commission types, you will receive a high resolution version of your commission!
  • For coloured sketch or lineart commissions, you may request the uncoloured sketch or lineart as well.
  • You are free to colour any sketch or lineart you receive as or as part of your commission.
  • You may freely post your commission and versions of your commission you coloured yourself to your personal online galleries as long as credit is given to me for my part in creating the artwork.
  • You may print out your commission, use it as a wallpaper, and so on. As long as you aren’t selling copies of the image or profiting from it in any way, it’s fine!

All commissions are for personal, non-commercial use only.

General Terms

  • I reserve the right to cancel or decline a commission for any reason.
  • I reserve the right to upload the completed commission to my own galleries and use it as an example of my work. In the case of surprise gifts, please let me know if I should hold off on uploading the artwork to keep it a surprise for the person you’re gifting to.
  • I will not draw images of an adult nature, nor will I draw anything that could be considered offensive or hateful towards a group or individual. I will not draw excessively/mindlessly gory or violent images. Some blood or wounds + fight scenes are acceptable.
  • I would prefer not to be asked to emulate another artist’s style – they deserve your money for art in their style more than I do.
  • If there’s a certain style of artwork in my gallery that you’d like me to draw like, let me know!
  • I will draw creatures of any type, environments, and anthros! Commission me for humans  ‘at your own risk’, since I don’t really have human examples in my gallery and don’t have a lot of experience drawing them.
  • I may decline human commissions if I’m not feeling confident about doing your characters justice.
Fanart and Fan Characters
I don’t feel comfortable taking commissions to do fanart, but I will draw original characters of yours who happen to be based on a certain existing world or franchise. So, while I wouldn’t want to draw a Pikachu for you, I’d not mind drawing Pokemon you invented, or Sonic fan characters and things.


Feel free to ask for a quote if you’re unsure of how much your commission would cost!

Sketch and lineart commissions must be paid for upfront before I begin work.
For larger commissions, you may either pay in full upfront, or in instalments as I go along. Example: You’d pay for the sketch part, then I’d do the sketch; then you’d pay for flat colours, I’d do the flats, and so on until the image was complete.

I will accept payment when I’m ready to work on your commission! I’ll let you know when I’m ready for your payment. This applies mainly for when I have a queue and am working slowly down the list.

Process and Alterations

I will email or note you with screenshots of your commission to show you the progress I’m making and to give you an opportunity to make any corrections as I go along. For coloured images with backgrounds, I will send you a small coloured thumbnail for your approval before I start properly sketching the artwork.

Major Alterations: Only available in the sketch and thumbnail stages. This includes altering poses as well as changing minor character details. Please don’t suddenly change your mind about the entire image concept and decide that instead of having Susie Pigglehead jumping over a volcano, you want her sleeping under a tree.

I will do a maximum of 2 major alterations for free. Any more than that will cost extra due to the extra time I’m spending on your commission.

Mid-Minor Alterations: I will make small alterations to any lineart or shaded piece. This includes things like making a pair of ears a bit bigger, adding some tears in a dragon’s wing, and other similarly small and simple tasks.

Slightly bigger alterations can be made to coloured pieces in their flat colour stages to correct any ‘off’ or wrong colours and markings on characters or background elements.

Refunds and Cancellation

If you would like to cancel a commission, you will be refunded an amount equal to the amount of work that has not yet been completed. If you asked for a cel-shaded image that only got to the lineart stage, I’d refund you the amount the colouring would cost, and would send you the work that had been done up to that point.

If I cancel a commission, I will refund you in full.


Send me a note or email if you’re interested in commissioning me or want a price quote!


Please include a reference image of your character! I will accept written descriptions (without image reference) on a case-by-case basis depending on how accurately I feel I can portray the character you have in mind. A brief description of your character’s personality is welcome so I don’t end up making them look out of character.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


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