Magickal Fowl

Long time, no post! I’ve been so preoccupied with school, I haven’t had much time for art-related blogging.

After over a year of no polished digital art, I’m making my comeback wiiiiiith…

Wizard chicken!

Here’s the initial sketch, which I was originally just going to use as a design concept for a more dynamically posed painting…wizchicken_wip1

…but then I got pretty invested in what I was drawing and ended up with some nice (although undersized compared to the resolution I’d usually work at) lineart. Woo!wizchicken_wip2

Base colours determining the light source and such!

Adding more colour, strengthening the highlights and shadows.wizchicken_wip4

More of the same process, adding some feather details and such.wizchicken_wip5

ALMOST DONE. There’s a background now! Woo! And magical energy stuff and more splatter texture abuse!wizchicken_wip6

And after being indecisive and playing around with colour adjustments, I finally ended up with this! Yay colours!wizchicken

So yes. I’m hoping to improve my use of colour and understanding of light/shadow. If things go well, I’ll find the time and inspiration to do more than one piece of art each year! It was pretty fun to work on and a nice break from animating.

I have actually done a lot of sketching during the last year at least, just not a lot of coloured work.


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