Get Your Own WIP V

Original: 8th Dec, 2011

It’s been a while since I worked on this, but I’d like to get it done, so I spent a bit of time on it last night!

I was originally trying to draw out basically every individual blade of grass, but ugh, that’s not really a great idea. Grass doesn’t need to be drawn in so much detail when it’s not even what the piece is about. I shouldn’t have spent so much time refining the rocks either since, again, the piece isn’t about the rocks or the grass, it’s about the general autumn mood and temperature and the characters’ interactions.

So I grabbed a texturey brush I made and scribbled grassy colours all over the already grass-coloured areas, drew some individual grass blades here and there to make it look a bit more uh… grassy. I went over areas with the same textured brush to add fallen leaf colours and went over THAT that with some leaf-coloured blobs of paint. Yay.


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