Forest Speed Paintings

Original: 13th Oct, 2011

After posting the previous blog post to my deviantART account, Lhune gave me some helpful advice about how I’m probably not as enthusiastic about painting things because I’m not improving a whole lot and suggested I try painting landscapes and things from photos. I can agree with her since I feel like I’m bored of my skill level and would like to draw things in a new, improved, ‘fresh’ way or something.

So I’ve been doing what she suggested and have been doing quick 30-minute speed painting things of various landscapes (mostly mountains, hills, and forests) and have since painted a couple of little forest things from imagination. They’re far from perfect, but considering they in themselves were speed painting things that started off as loose scribbles and weren’t carefully planned in any way, I can say that they’re quite an improvement over my previous attempts to paint similar things!

This is the first one, which I did a few days ago:

Foliage is definitely a challenge. I’m not sure I have any particularly good brushes to help me make masses of foliage, so I end up scribbling a lot of little lines and dots here and there to try and make it hopefully look like there are a lot of leaves in the scene.

And this is one I did today:

This one feels like an improvement over the first one, and I probably spent more time on it too! I’ll probably try to think more about composition and stuff in future speed painting things, which I wasn’t really at all with these ones. I’m interested in trying more little nature scene things though, and hopefully I can see a lot more improvement in my landscape-involving artworks.

I should mention also that this is something similar that I tried painting a few weeks ago:

I think it’s safe to say that my colour choices have become far more natural and believable after painting several landscapes from photos.


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