Skribble Gryphons WIP

Original: 6th Aug, 2011

I’ve been wanting to enter deviantART’s Skribble Contest, where I have to use an image of some lines and build a piece of artwork from them. This is what I have so far:

The set of lines I have to use are the conspicuous circle being used for that weird tree lamp, a squiggle for one of the tree branches, and another squiggle forming the side of a mountain and a river. I’ve been fussing with the colours as I’ve been going, creating new layers and splashing blobs of brightly-coloured digital paint on parts of my picture to try and make it look more pleasing. Thankfully, I’ve been slowly getting closer to colours I can be happy with.

I don’t like the extra empty space at the top of the image, so I’ll probably crop it away around the top of mass of cloud on the right before I call it finished.

I find it a bit silly that I’ve chosen to do a piece of artwork for a contest that includes mountains, of all things, because I know mountains are something I really struggle with, so I have to be really careful to try and make sure they look right when I get around to adding details to them. I’m not sure how I’m going to paint the space below them, though. There’s supposed to be a lake down there, but we’ll see how well I can pull that off!

But even if this piece of art doesn’t turn out super judge-impressingly amazing, I want to try to enter more than one piece of art into the contest. (The prizes excite me, so I want to feel like I have a shot at winning something. o_O)

Edit 11:23pm: I’ve been working on it off and on during the evening, though couldn’t make as much progress as I wanted to due to getting interrupted by an annoying headache…!

Added some extra leaves on the ground and stuff using a leafy brush I made recently, started refining the mountains, and worked a bit more on those wingless gryphon things. I’ll probably make changes to that little one playing with that weird lantern thing. I suppose that’s what I get for not really sketching out its features before trying to paint them. Or something. But uh… that’s all the progress I’ll make today because I’m tired and want to sleep.


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