Skribble Gryphons Complete

Original: 7th Aug, 2011

Well, I managed to finish the artwork I’ve called ‘Skribble Gryphons’! Yay! Huzzah! But first, I’ll post some early work in progress pictures to show where the whole process started!

At this point, it’s a really vague mush of colours. I was just working out the colour scheme and would later build the more detailed painting on top of that. (It’s not as tall as the images I posted yesterday because I cropped the file I was working with in Photoshop and hid all the other layers of the painting to show the layer I started with, saving that as this work in progress image.)

At this point, I start adding some basic shading, trying to work out how the lighting will work in this image. I added some glow from the moon and lanterns and scribbled leaves in leafy places using a leaf brush I made recently. This was mostly to give me a better idea of what it might look like and give the picture some texture I could build on more than anything. (It’s also helpful to have all these different colours everywhere because I use the Eyedropper a lot to switch colours, taking colours from other places in the same image to make sure the colour scheme is consistent and so on.)

I often have problems with contrast, so I tried to tackle this early on by adding dark shadows and bright highlights where I could right at the start instead of jumping into detail and then realising later that all my colours are off. It’s good to do as much of this type of ‘planning’ as possible before jumping into detail to prevent those sorts of ‘oh no, I should have done this instead!’ situations.

And here’s the finished image:


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