Lantern Phoenix WIP

Original: 18th Aug, 2011

Well, that’s it’s title for now. I might change it later if I can think of something more interesting. Anyway, I’ve been craving lately to do some traditional art (mainly watercolour painting), so I thought of an image I could try to paint and have started! Hooray! I’m not incredibly confident in my ability to use watercolours well since I use them rarely compared to how often I do digital art, and they are two mediums which work very differently.

After much mental debate, I decided to use one of my watercolour boards rather than watercolour paper to paint on since I don’t have to worry about paper warping. My watercolour boards are also the largest sized anythings I have for watercolour paintings at the moment (11″x14″. The paper is a bit smaller). So, here’s a poor-quality photo of what I have so far because this is too big to fit into my scanner!

It’s night, so I have no natural lighting to use to make the photo clearer. Maybe I’ll take another one tomorrow, if I can be bothered. At the bottom, you can see my lovely pencil, and that grey lump thing below it is my kneaded eraser, which is a fantastic eraser that you can mould into any shape. You can pinch part of it into a point to erase tiny details, or you can flatten it a bit to erase a large area. They erase things really well too and without damaging the paper you’re rubbing much.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep those stars… I’m starting to think I’d be better off getting rid of them rather than trying to paint around them or whatever. The whole idea behind this painting is that there will be sort of wavy light streams emanating from the lantern in the middle there. I’m hoping to incorporate various swirls and things to try and make it all seem more ‘magical’, but we’ll see. My plan currently is to give the phoenix thing peacock colours, so it will be blue/green. Maybe I’ll even use iridescent paint for that *because I do have iridescent greens and blues*. And peacock feathers are iridescent anyway. So that would be fancy. The lantern will give off yellow light, and the background will sort of fade to orange and then purpley red near the edges. Or something like that. With swirls. And maybe clouds. Maybe swirly clouds. I really don’t know, but I’d better have a decent plan before I start painting because I can’t redo things once I’ve painted them.

So yes. I suppose I’ll start painting tomorrow and might take photos of my progress along the way. I’ll probably fix some asymmetrical bits and any other problems I might see, then go over all the pencil lines, squishing my eraser against them to really lighten them all before I begin, otherwise the excess pencil will bleed into the water and paint and create muddy greyness.


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