Dolphin Wrangling WIP

Original: 1st Aug, 2011

I’ve been doing some reading about colour theory and colour harmonies recently and wanting to paint some things to test this new knowledge in action! I’ve done some little practise paintings which I uploaded to Photobucket and meant to write about here but uh… couldn’t really find the motivation to post! But today, I whimsically started on this:

Yes, it is a cat riding a dolphin. Not my usual subject matter, but it’s good for a change of pace, right?? I wanted a sort of cowboy-on-rearing-horse type of atmosphere, so I chose a sunset colour scheme:

I chose four colours for the colour scheme and have been mixing them to get different shades of orange and green, then using the Eyedropper to sample the mixed colours. My ‘palette’, you could call it, is that mess of colours in the top right corner! Exciting!

And this is how far I am currently. I’ll probably work on the highlights of the dolphin and want to uh… ‘sharpen’ the look of the water (since it looks sort of blurry at the moment) as well as add some more contrast amongst the waves. I still have to colour the cat and look up some references so I can draw a cowboy hat thing at the right angle! I’ll likely add more work in progress images as the evening goes on.

Edit 9:00pm:
I’ve worked on it some more and here is both the next work in progress shot and the finished version!

I struggled a lot with the lighting/shading in this one, especially on the cat. It’s not every day that I try to shade things where the light source is behind the subjects…! I ended up doing all sorts of intricate details on the cat, like drawing individual ear hairs, only to realise in the end that I was going to be shrinking this and that all the detail would be lost. I should try not to get so carried away next time…!


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