Wolf Value Experiment

Original: 14th May, 2011

One of my weak points in painting is my art’s general lack of value contrast. I want to try to fix this by doing a few paintings in greyscale. Here’s one I’ve done today so far:

It’s a start, I guess, but I think I fell into my usual habits of perceiving things as ‘strongly contrasting’ when they actually aren’t. I’m so used to using such a small range of values, that it always feels like I’m ‘going too far’ by using lighter lights and darker darks.

I probably would have been better off trying to draw something that doesn’t have *fur* either since I’m not very good at painting that and it distracts from my value experiment when I end up trying to focus on just drawing the fur so it looks like… fur.

Honestly, I’m much more happy with the sketch for this:

So I suppose even if I’m not very happy with the painted version of this wolf, I can be satisfied knowing I at least sketched something that turned out better than I was expecting? :/


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