Terroc Scribblings

Original: 4th May, 2011

I’ve been itching to do art lately but can never quite muster the motivation to really sit down for hours and draw something uninterruptedly (maybe because I feel like I have a million things to pay attention to at once, so I feel distracted). I did manage to churn this out for the sake of practising though:

It’s pretty rough and scribbly and I probably spent more time on the clouds in the background than I did on the foreground things. I think I redid the clouds three or so times, trying to get them to look more cloud-like, but clouds are hard and I need to study them more!

This was just meant to be a speed painting thing though since I didn’t want to spend ages on anything. So I just scribbled here and there until I got bored with the idea of trying to fix the shading and make it look sensible. o_O

That terroc in the foreground is also meant to be holding a spear in those curled fingers, but I forgot to colour that bit…! It’s in the sketch I drew before colouring, at least…


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