Flamethrower Charizard

Original: 23rd Apr, 2011

It’s been a while since I updated this art bloggy thing of mine, though that’s only because I’ve been spending more time working on my website than on art, so I haven’t really had anything to show.

Anyway, today I wanted to draw *something*, and I ended up drawing Charizard for whatever reason.

I started with that somewhat difficult-to-comprehend scribble in the top left corner, trying to aim for some sort of actiony pose. I created a new layer over that, using it as a guide until I progressed to that vague drawing in the top right corner. Then, after trying to redraw its right leg (our left) several times due to being unsatisfied with its positioning, I ended up with that bigger drawing that takes up most of the image there.

I wanted some even nicer, more refined lines though and wanted to correct a few mistakes, so I drew over the whole thing until I ended up with this:

That, I suppose, is the final line art! Which I will colour, though I also might refine some more scribbly parts of Charizard’s flame breath. So yes! I suppose I’ll be working away on that until I either finish, get bored, or my hand hurts too much!


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