Charizard Complete

Original: 29th Apr, 2011

After much procrastination, I finally finished Charizard!

This colouring style was very experimental for me, which resulted in a rather high number of layers as I created new ones to try things I wasn’t sure would work… Normally, I try to keep as few layers as possible (Like… fewer than 10) to avoid confusion and keep my workspace tidy, though I probably have somewhere between 30 and 40 layers for this, which felt cluttered. I ended up combining soft shading and cel shading, and my cel shading feels so rusty since it’s been years since I used that style of shading regularly.

Hopefully I learned something from approaching this image in such a different manner to usual.

And if you like this image, you can download some nice wallpapers of it!

Fullscreen Wallpaper
Widescreen Wallpaper


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