Breezy Cliff WIP

Original: 10th Feb, 2011

I’ve started what I hope turns out to be my next piece of artwork. I’ve been reading about perspective and composition lately (mostly from these tutorials: Perspective, Composition) since I know these are areas in which my artwork is generally lacking. I usually just think of some idea of something that might look interesting, but don’t really put much thought into point of view, composition, scale, anything else. I really want to change this!

This is the first work in progress shot of what I am now working on. I’m hoping it has a more interesting composition than other things I’ve done (wow, look, it’s like we’re all close to the ground and stuff with all the grass and flowers getting bigger as they come towards the camera!). Oh, oh, and rule of thirds! those mountains end about a third of the picture away from the top! And the grass starts about a third of the way down! And the dragon’s neck is a third of the way to the right! And its head is where two thirds lines cross!@!1 I’m new at paying attention to composition though, so there are probably loads of things wrong with this that I’m unaware of, but at least I’m going somewhere more interesting than creature-standing-there-in-middle-of-image.

But pfffth. Background elements. I’m not used to drawing mountains, so this is new, I suppose. In a challenging sort of way. Hopefully I can make it look uh… appropriately textured. I should also keep contrast in mind since I often seem to use low contrast in my images, which probably makes things look a bit ‘flat’. So try to make the dragon’s shading contrasty, me. And also the mountains. Contrast.

I may start streaming this on LiveStream later tonight.

Edit 7:04pm: I’ve worked on it a bit more since I wrote this blog entry thing (though it didn’t actually take me all the time between the writing of this and now to get this far since I’ve been working on it off and on), so here is an update:

I flipped it horizontally! Gasp! And now it feels wrong to flip it back to the way it was before, especially since I feel like I want to start at the top left corner of an image and work my way through it from there (that is generally where I start when reading text, after all), and I like the thought of uh… ‘starting’ from the colourful cloudy bits from the top left and working down towards the dragon that way and uh… yes. I should make sure the rest of the image is more interesting to look at though! That green grass must have colour variation instead of being that same solid shade of green!

Also, I am sad that the dragon’s wing covers part of my favourite sky bit.

Edit 8:33pm: This image is confusing to work on since I’m uh… not very familiar at all with painting mountains, and I could certainly be better acquainted with grass. And that angle of that dragon could be easier to draw as well!

I should do some mountain speed paints or something just to make the mountain painting easier and more believable. And maybe draw dragons from that angle. And maybe try to figure out a way to draw grass that will be fun to look at. At the very least, I made it more contrasting…!


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