Breezy Cliff WIP III

Original: 13th Feb, 2011

This hardly seems worth writing another blog entry thing about since I haven’t really made much progress, but uh… here we go anyway, I suppose.

It’s similar to the last progress shot since I didn’t work on it much today. I didn’t like how the mountains looked rather… flat and backdroppy, so I changed them a bit to make it look like there were mountains fading into the distance. I still feel like I should do something about the mountain on the right side of the image though since that also seems flat to me… HMM.

Other than that, I added some red shadow under and behind the dragon (after all, it IS red and red light will be shining through its semi-transparent wings…), I gave the tail some more definition, and worked on those floating chunks of land a bit. I’m also considering redrawing the big bits of grass in the foreground (again) since they aren’t creating the effect I want them to… Sigh!

Hopefully the next progress shot will contain a bigger difference in progress…


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