Breezy Cliff WIP II

Original: 11th Feb, 2011

Still working away on this, slowly but surely. This is turning out to be quite the confusing project and I’m stretching my mind and artistic abilities further than they can comfortably go with it. Ultimately, it means I’m learning a lot by challenging myself with new and unfamiliar subject matter (mountains, the close-to-the-ground perspective, the position of the dragon, etc.). So I’m making slow progress, doing things and redoing them and trying to work out ways to approach them so they look okay in the end.

Oops, I had the ‘sunrays’ layer hidden, so you can’t see the sunrays I drew. Oh well. Next screenshot.

I must have tried to draw the grass ten different times or something before finally just deciding that I wasn’t going to make anything that truly dazzled my eyes, so I finished the grassy area, and moved onto… flowers. Which currently look like blobs. They won’t stay that way, but I do need to figure out how indeed to make them look now. I wonder if flowers is even the best way to go. It looks sort of boring without flowers, but I can’t really draw them in a way where they integrate themselves well into the surrounding grass. They just float on top, making the grass look flat, yet they help define the shape of the hill the ‘camera’ is sitting on, so I don’t know. Should I go to lengths to draw blades of grass in front of some of the further away flowers? I did that in this image, but you don’t even really notice it. I mean, you can if you look closely, but it doesn’t have any effect on the image as a whole, and that’s what I should be thinking about.

Other than grass and flowers, I also went over the mountains with my brush again since one of those mountains to the left of the image was bothering me. Hopefully they look better now…! Mountains are unfamiliar territory! Especially big, rocky ones. I could probably draw rounded, tree-covered mountains or something since I’m surrounded by those, but uh… believable jagged rocky mountains are something else.

Despite my criticisms on my image, I’m overall pleased with how it’s turning out! I just want to *tread carefully* when it comes to these mountains and flowers (and the dragon! Ahhh!) because I don’t want to end up with parts that are a detriment to the image…! I don’t want to ruin what I’ve been working so carefully on, hence drawing and redrawing and redrawing again aspects of it to get it to look better than my first attempt!

I’m glad that I added more contrast to it since the first work in progress shot since I think it looks much better now than it did then! For a while, it seems like I’ve had a fear of contrast or something, or rather, if something was slightly darker than something else, I thought it was quite a bit darker, but then when I’d step back and look at the finished image, it would seem flat due to the lack of value since I thought this or that was lighter or darker than it really was and uh… well, now I’m trying to break that habit and force myself to use a greater range of values!

But uh… now to get back to work…?

Edit 1:19am: I haven’t really done much since the last screenshot, but I’ve started refining the dragon now:

And this time, you can see the sunrays.

Still lots of work to do…! I’m wondering if I should change the position of the dragon’s neck so you can actually see its head better. Only being able to see some frills and spikes seems a bit awkward…


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