Varkris Speedpaint Thing

Original: 2nd Feb, 2011

This is hardly worth making a blog entry thing about, but I feel like I should increase my internet activity or something. Anyway, this totally makes up for Saturday’s missed colouring session, right??

It’s a varkris from one of my favouritest games ever, Skies of Arcadia. It’s just some random monster you can find around a certain region in that game, but apparently I found it memorable enough to not forget its name. In fact, there are probably numerous monsters I remember the names and locations of. I’d probably one day like to paint scenes incorporating the scenery of the planet in that game since it’s a pretty, pretty sky planet. One day. When I’m better. Yes.

Those feathers are such totally amazing blobs of paint that I splopped onto the digital canvas there. They’re just lighter coloured blobs that I quickly poked onto the body rather than anything very carefully thought out. I’ve been so happy since those many ages ago when I discovered I could hold Alt to temporarily switch to the eyedropper tool in Photoshop. I can just grab a lighter colour with that in the blink of an eye and start blobbing more feathers into slightly darker areas right after releasing Alt. So handy! It helps when I’ve got lots of gradients and different colours everywhere and want to make quick adjustments without having to switch tools via the tools window thing or *whatever*.

I feel as though my art has boggly eye syndrome though. I need to work on fitting eyes into the face without making look like they stand out in a really cut-and-paste way.

But damn. It’s Anatomy Practise Wednesday today. I should stop letting myself be lazy and behind in practise sessions. I should practise every day! Constantly! And in my sleep! So I suppose it’s time to get out the ol’ anatomy book and start drawing muscles and skeletons of animals again. One day I’ll absorb all the information the quadrupedal body has to offer. I need bird anatomy books too though. It’s hard to find good muscle diagrams for bird bodies (rather than just their wings or something) just by doing image searches online and it’s handy to just have some book next to me instead of switching between Photoshop and web browser or needing to rely on my computer at all instead of just drawing in my sketchbook somewhere.


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