HeartGold Work In Progress

Original: 6th Feb, 2011

On a whim, and upon thinking that the next generation of Pokemon games are going to be released outside of Japan next month, so there’s ‘not much time to do this’, I decided to jump on the draw-your-pokemon bandwagon. So here are some work in progress shots of what is apparently my HeartGold team:

This is my beautiful thumbnail which I enlarged to fill the whole canvas. So detailed and beautiful it is. My thoughts were something like, “Now that I’ve drawn this, I’ll probably spend five minutes on it, get bored, and quit! Yay!”
But then it reached level 16 and evolved into this:

So it turned out that I actually could draw my pokemon! That’s a first! But yes. Sketches sketches sketches. It’s a bit messy since they all overlap eachother. I also didn’t work out many of the details with that pidgeot and am not sure how I feel about its left (our right) wing…! It seems slightly not in the right position.
But then the drawing reached level 36 and evolved into this:

I’ve done most of the inking now. But I lost steam when I got to the pidgeot and was struggling to draw straight lines and my hand was making plenty of crackly noises from use, so I’ve put it away from now. (And now my hand feels like there’s too much blood rushing into it…! And is itchy! If only I had robotic hands.)

I’ll continue with it tomorrow probably and finish it, but for now I rest.

(I’ve been working on it for about five hours at this point.)


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