Sparkledragon Colouring Practise

Original: 8th Jan, 2011

Today is ‘Colour and Light Saturday’, so I sketched something relatively simple that I could colour for practise. I went with the cotton dragon because it’s made up of fun colours and ended up with this goofy-looking thing:

It turned out looking a lot sillier than I’d originally planned, especially with its eyes looking almost like they’re looking in opposite directions, but also because I decided at the end of my colouring of it to make it super sparkleful for a laugh. I took screenshots of it as I progressed since I was thinking of making a tutorial about colouring ‘without’ lines (in reality, it’s more like just painting over and/or under a sketch, then hiding that sketch whenever it seems like it’s in the way or it’s no longer necessary as a guide), but now I’m unsure! I could just make a tutorial out of it, though it seems like such a silly and slightly embarrassing image to use as an example for colouring things and it might be better to make a tutorial out of something that also involves a background since backgrounds have a significant effect on how a creature thing is shaded. But maybe it could be used as a less overwhelming example anyway where the focus is on whatever techniques I use to colour things linelessly rather than all kinds of things like light being reflected from the background and uh… whatever else exists that might be slightly more complex than just colouring a single character. I don’t know. Decisions.

Uh… I actually tried to colour the cottony bits with some level of detail this time and it was an interesting experience, but I certainly have a lot of learning to do when it comes to getting a believable tight, curly hair look. I am learning though, at least!


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