Lugia Doodle

Original: 13th Jan, 2011

I managed to get in my hour of anatomy studying today and the result of it can be found in my Photobucket. After that, I just went back to playing Arc Rise Fantasia, but then got sort of annoyed by the need to grind if I want to stand a chance against the next boss, so I returned to my computer for more art. I ended up drawing this:

I was being quick and experimental, so the result is uh… questionable and unrefined and so on…! Maybe at least overall the colours look pretty or something. o_O

I’d like to paint some proper, refined image worth submitting to my gallery, but I’m struggling to have the patience or uh… confidence. It maybe seems silly that after all the many pieces of artwork I’ve created, I’d end up feeling all unconfident about drawing something new worth submitting, but since I don’t really have much in mind that I’m jumping up and down with excitement about painting, I end up feeling stuck worrying about coming up with something that will both meet my standards of quality and hold my interest until it’s finished.

For now, I suppose I’m relatively content getting smaller things done. Hopefully all the practise will lead up to me working on something bigger and more exciting! Maybe.


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