Not much art to show…

Original: 9th Sept, 2010

For the last while, I’ve been sort of avoiding internet community things and sort of taking a break from art as well in favour of activities such as Neopets or playing Super Mario Galaxy. I’ve not been practising very hard and have instead just been uh… trying not to worry much about art and the feelings of inadequacy it often produces.

This is about all I have to show other than whatever I’ve uploaded to Photobucket. I’ll probably get back to art soon since I’m almost done with Super Mario Galaxy and I’ll need something to do to fill in the time that game once occupied…! I sort of miss drawing frequently, so I hope I can get back to practising and painting and not just end up spending loads of time procrastinating.

(Hmm. I just realised how inconsistently I draw terroc nostrils. There are at least three finished pieces of artwork I’ve done where the nostrils are close to that darker beak tip, though they should actually be closer to the eyes like in that image up there…!)


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