Not a lot of art lately.

Original: 25th Nov, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve written in this art blog thing due to having been away in the UK and then getting back and mostly working on Flash-related things. I haven’t been able to draw much even when I’ve wanted to since I’m finding it hard to have the mental energy to focus on drawing things particularly well. I don’t like letting myself get out of practise though, so I tried to draw SOMETHING today. I’ve done many scribbly sketches and this is the best I’ve done:

I suppose I’m also tired though from spending many hours today trying to get things to work in that game thing I’m working on, so that seems to have taken a lot of energy out of me. I have a to-do list of things that need to be done on the game and I’m always scheduling certain tasks for certain days, but due to all the draining bug-fixing (and finding out that said bug was a really trivial thing to fix caused by something I overlooked…), I don’t think I have the energy to actually get the rest of today’s tasks done. Alas.

But art. Yes. I’m always wanting to improve my skills, yet actually practising properly is so daunting and draining for me that I don’t do it nearly often enough. I suppose right now I at least have the excuse that I’m working on another project thing which consumes much of my time, which is probably for the best since art seems to be a frustrating thing for me to do…

I never draw anything in interesting poses or at different angles and just seem to draw the same sorts of things again and again because I feel like I’m ‘no good’ at drawing more dynamic sorts of things… I try to occasionally, but when I see I’m doing a poor job of it, I just go back to drawing what I’m familiar with as an attempt to boost my confidence.


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