Dragon Muscle Studies

Original: 12th Dec, 2010

I should have been spending the evening working on my game thing since I want to get that done as quickly as possible, but I wasn’t feeling particularly well, so I instead just procrastinated and played Golden Sun: Dark Dawn… But then I got tired of that and decided I should try to force some more anatomy knowledge into my head since I haven’t been drawing much (other than for my game) lately. I got out An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists and looked up various muscle/skeleton diagrams for wings and arms so I could actually try to *learn* something this time instead of just drawing whatever random things come to mind (and generally don’t hold my attention for long).

It’s a little embarrassing for me to show these, actually, since I made mistakes I can see quite well and which probably could have been avoided had I approached the drawings (particularly the first one) differently or more similarly to how I would usually… Tsk…!

Anyway, this is the first one:

I’m very not fond of the positioning of the front legs, but if I draw that sort of pose again one day, I’ll be sure to approach the drawing uh… *better* from the start. I’m never really sure how to attach wings to a creature which already has forelimbs, so that always poses some trouble for me. And the front legs are just so embarrassing to look at! Ewwww!@!111 I had some diagram of a bird wing’s skeletal and muscular structure in the corner of the screen while I drew and I meant to also use the human arm and bat wing as reference, but uh… for some reason, that never happened. I based much of its anatomy on big cats and horses though. (Such embarrassing front legs! Get them away! Banish them to the fiery bowels of hell!!!1 o_O)

And then this is the second one, which isn’t as embarrassing:

This one was based more on dog anatomy, so it looks… sort of doggish. Apparently I can’t draw a straight line to save my life today and kept scribbling short little lines everywhere except where I wanted them. That’s probably a sign of rustiness. Pfft. Or hand tiredness. Or general tiredness. Or all of those things combined. This one probably turned out better than the other, but was probably also a less valuable learning experience since I’ve drawn that boring, generic from-the-side pose so many millions of times… It felt more like I was sort of slightly refining things I already knew rather than filling significant gaps in my knowledge or something. I also have a lot of difficulty trying to draw heads after I’ve done the neck and body and whatever else! It feels awkward and like I struggle to get the size of the head right and I always find it easier to just start with the head and then move down to the neck, body, limbs, etc.

I really need to do more muscle/skeleton studies, so maybe I should make it my goal to do one every few days, or at least once a week since I do tend to be busy working on that game and I don’t have time for *everything*! And I’d do studies of various different animals rather than dragons since I’m getting sort of tired of drawing dragons all the time and it would surely be better to learn to draw real existing animals and then apply the knowledge I got from that when I draw other, more fantastical creatures than it would be to learn to draw mutated fusions of various animals by drawing dragons and other fantasy creatures as my only source or learning.

So yes. I must study more living things. And then make fantasy creatures out of that knowledge.


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