Colourful Dragon Musculature

Original: 5th Jan, 2011

Congratulations, me! You’ve succeeded in not failing your new years resolutions today. As I mentioned in some news article on the front page of my site, I’m supposed to devote an hour (at least) three days a week to studying anatomy, dynamic poses, and colour. Today is anatomy day, though I ended up doing more ‘colour’ than I originally intended to, though it was a good learning experience anyway. Here is the result of the last hour’s work:

I don’t know if people know, but it’s possible to click on the images in these blog posts to view them at full size… Though this one might display at full size already. I don’t know. I can’t remember what size images get shrunk to…

But uh… yes. I opened up Photoshop and started by sort of painting a rough skeleton of the dragon while sort of referencing skeletons in a book called An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists. Then I started painting muscles on top of the skeleton on a new layer, referencing lion and dog muscles, which was sort of fun, actually. Then I just sort of went wild with the colours, which I’m not sure really counts as ‘studying anatomy’, but uh… oh well. Maybe I should draw some quick skeletal/muscle sketches later. I probably need to spend the next few hours continuing work on my game thing now.

The shading on that thing came out better than I was expecting it to, so I’m happy about that! Hurrah! Though I obviously couldn’t be bothered refining the skeletal bits like the wing hands, feet, and skull. Pfft. I was uh… busy focusing on muscles instead though!

(Edit: There, I gave the poor thing a proper skull, but still couldn’t be bothered with the feet…!)

I suppose tomorrow is ‘Dynamic Pose and Perspective Day’. Hopefully something worth showing will come of that as well!


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