White Wolf ‘Complete’

Original: 25th Aug, 2010

Well, after weeks of… some attempts at colouring this, but mostly putting off colouring this, I have finished that wolf image to the best of my ability.

It just wasn’t meant to be. I ended up disliking the lineless colouring direction I had taken since my shading looked sort of… flat or something. I ended up starting again, but instead doing a sort of sloppy cel style to colour it. The colours don’t exactly have the feel I was originally going for, but at least I managed to choose something at all?!

I also wanted to add some cyan markings or something, but my attempts to design markings for it didn’t look particularly eye-pleasing, so I just let them go rather than trying again and again to get them right. I really just wanted this image ‘done’ and was at a point where I accepted that this wasn’t going to turn out phenomenally great, so uh… I suppose that made me feel less like applying effort to what I was doing. Unfortunately.

Even if this didn’t turn out as well as I’d originally hoped, I’m sort of glad knowing it’s at least presentable now and it no longer needs to lurk at the back of my mind as a piece of artwork that deserves to be but is not yet finished.


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