Spiky Dragon Thing

Original: 28th Aug, 2010

I’ve been having a lot of trouble thinking of image ideas that I can work on to make finished artworks out of, so I’ve instead been mostly just drawing animals like horses and dogs (probably mostly horses) to try and improve my anatomy skills/knowledge. Today though, I drew some dragon thing:

It started out enjoyable enough when I was working on the head and wing closest to us, but the limbs were a pain…! I positioned them poorly, so they look stiff and awkward. I intended to make it look like it was cautiously walking forward or something, but I probably would have had more success had I tried to find images of dogs or horses walking so I would have known how to better position the legs… That hind leg closest to us feels like somewhat of a ‘disaster’ since it probably shouldn’t be creeping forward while the foreleg on the same side is also moving forward. It probably would have been more successful had I made that hind leg stretch back behind it instead with the foot pointing straight down vertically to the ground. All things to keep in mind for next time, I suppose…!

I like where I was going with the design of the dragon, at least. I like its many spikes and the shape of its head and wing and stuff and how I did the spikes around its shoulder/thigh areas. I should draw more dynamic poses than just *in profile* though! Maybe I’d be a bit more inspired to do so if I drew some scenery for whatever creatures I draw to interact with.

Other than all that, I’m considering taking up the ol’ Draw Every Pokemon challenge that some artists set out to do, only to get tired of it after the first 20 or so. I’d want to do it in a sort of speed painting way so I’d be working on my colouring skills and not spending a lot of time trying to create some sort of tight drawing before just slopping colour all over the canvas… I don’t have confidence in my ability to draw all of them though (or even the first 150), but uh… who knows. It would at least be a good learning experience even if I didn’t get through them all AND I wouldn’t have to spend time trying to figure out what I should draw since I could just choose the next Pokemon on the list. Hmmm…!


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