Dragon Styles

Original: 19th Aug, 2010

For a long while now, I’ve been wanting to adjust my style of drawing dragons to one that really appeals to me… It’s not like I dislike how I’ve been drawing dragons all this time, but I feel like I’m going in the same direction many others go when drawing dragons and doing that seems to cause me some level of emotional distress when I can more easily compare my own skill level to that of others just due to the similarity of style. It makes me more likely to think I’m ‘not very good’ and so on. That, and the sort of dragons that would appeal to me in games and things was different to the sorts of dragons I’ve been drawing. What I’d like to go for is a type of dragon that has noticeably large hands and feet, but thin forearms, a small chest, perhaps… A triangular head?

By which I don’t mean I’d draw every single dragon ever exactly like that, but it’s a style I’d like to be capable of. I made an attempt at trying to draw the sort of dragon I mean last night:

There are many ways in which I’m not satisfied with this, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. I should make some more sketches from different angles and such to work out the body type I want, since I was having a lot of trouble drawing the torso and didn’t really end up with what I wanted. It’s also surprisingly hard trying to draw big hands and feet! I really need to practise that! Perhaps drawing paws and human hands more will help me with that, but it can be difficult trying to make a human-hand-like structure, but then thickening the fingers and putting them in a pose that looks realistic and uh… difficult, yes! I’m impressed by, if a bit envious of, people who can pull off those anthro hand-paws really well!

Anyway, I think next I’ll make some sketches of dragons looking at them as if they were floating in the air with their bellies towards the viewer like uh… the leftmost dragon here, but with its head not pointing up like that. Yes! That’s what I should do.

Oh, I also liked things like this old dragon sketch since it has the sort of forearms I like. I should study that image so I can perhaps recreate what I did there! And I felt like I was going in the right direction with this slightly more refined drawing, though it still has some features in need of fixing. I was happy with its head though.


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