Cotton Dragon and Giraffe Sketches

Original: 21st Aug, 2010

I really want to try to make a habit of practising more often. Daily, even. And when doing that, I want it to be a mix of drawing from photos and drawing from my imagination. So often, I just put off practising because I experience feelings of anxiety relating to drawing at all since I just assume I’ll ‘do badly’ and it will make me feel terrible about myself for not being at a higher skill level and it bothers me quite a bit thinking that I could probably be a lot better than I am right now if I’d spent all that procrastination time actually drawing.

So anyway, I forced myself to draw some stuff today and I seem to do okay enough after I get past the initial rusty, warm-up phase. Amongst a bunch of boring sketches that I didn’t save, I ended up drawing this (I used a new Photoshop brush I made last night too…!):

It’s silly, that, because the Cotton Dragon is supposed to be more energetic and mischievous, but that thing’s just… defeated and completely lacking any energy for life. I suppose it reflects how I was feeling when I started drawing it since I wasn’t feeling too well about the less-than-great sketches that preceded it. I think those arms might be a bit too scrawny though.

After that, I decided to try to draw an animal I’ve not attempted to draw seriously before, so I chose a giraffe:

It was referenced from this photo. It was difficult trying to draw the folds in the skin and I’ll admit that I was impatient with them and didn’t try very hard to get them right. It was difficult trying to draw the spots on the giraffe so they’d distort with the skin folds and wrinkles and so on. I also seem to have drawn the giraffe’s neck too long and big and there are some other inaccuracies with the body which probably could have been avoided better had I put a bit more energy into measuring body parts. Maybe next time…! I’ll probably continue to draw things into the night and hopefully gain DELICIOUS EXPERIENCE POINTS. If life were an RPG, I might be more motivated to level up my art skills if I could see how much experience I was getting from each thing I draw.


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