Wolf Thing WIP

Original: 5th July, 2010

I decided to try to draw a (totally overrated!12) wolf thing today just because I don’t really ever draw any of those and it’s interesting to see if I can even do a good job of it.

I’m not entirely happy with the positioning of the hind legs as something just seems wrong about them, but I’ve been tweaking them again and again and am not sure how to position them so they actually look *right*… Maybe I’ll be able to fix them tomorrow after sleeping. There are also some lines that still need refining. I think also that the uh… long clothy thing that ends in a swirly ‘flame’ bit in the background should be moved more to the left since it doesn’t seem to match up with the perspective of the limbs, which I only noticed just now. Gasp! Oh no! I’ll also do that tomorrow since it’s getting late and I should probably sleep.

(Actually, looking at this image now in this blog entry thing has made me realise that it’s probably the length of the hind leg closest to us that’s making it look wrong… I lengthened it at one point because I was trying to adjust it to a different perspective, so now I should probably shorten it again.)


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