Wolf Thing WIP II

Original: 5th July, 2010

I wish I could just make a solid decision on which way I want to colour something…! I spent all that time making refined lines only to decide I wanted to try colouring it sort of realistically without any lines! Which seems like a waste and part of me is disappointed to not be colouring it in a more cartoony style just because it might look nice coloured all cleanly or something. I wanted to do a more realistic style though since I don’t get enough realistic painting practise and I feel as though my colouring skills are behind my drawing skills or something. I need to learn to render light and shadow better and this is a good opportunity to try doing just that.

I’m showing the lines in that work in progress shot there since I’ve not really coloured enough of it for it to look very interesting without the lines.

Edit: Some progress.

I adjusted the colours a bit and uh… now I’m feeling a bit stuck because I don’t know what colours I want those clothy ribbony things or those three floaty thingy-dings to be…!


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