Sky Garden WIP II

Original: 30th July, 2010

I slept terribly last night, so it’s been taking me a while to get back into ‘working mode’. And, of course, by ‘slept’, I actually mean ‘lay in bed fully conscious while feeling uncomfortable for seven hours with my eyes closed’.

I’m more awake now, fortunately, but still tired, so progress is being slow:

The trees turned out not to be too difficult to make look okay!1 It’s amazing what you can accomplish as long as you have *patience*. I’m getting very tired of drawing rocks though. So very, very tired. But I still have to refine all those stepping stones and maybe even go over those rocks around the bridge a bit more so they look less blobby, perhaps. I want to make the water look better too, but I’ve not really got any ideas about what to do with that.


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