Sky Garden Complete!

Original: 31st July, 2010

Well, I finally finished the Sky Garden image!

This is the most complex thing I’ve painted and it probably took longer than any other piece of artwork I’ve done as well. I can’t say how long it took me though since I had so many breaks while working on it for those two days that it’s difficult to keep track of the total amount of time. I’d say ‘at least 10 hours’, though it could even be more like 15 or something. Who knows?

I did a lot of experimenting in this image with the techniques I used to paint the grass, trees, water, and so on. Even the shading of the creature in the middle there was experimental, what with it having a lantern shining light onto it from either side. I’m surprised I got the tree leaves to actually look uh… *acceptable*. Like I actually had some small idea about what I was doing! I wish I could have done the water a bit better though, especially that pool of it under the bridge, but I just started rushing when I got to that point since the water was the last part of the image I had to work on and I was just tired and sore from sitting all day working on it and I wanted it finished!

Looking back, I sort of wish I’d added things like insects (moths around the lanterns, maybe? Grasshoppers? I don’t know) and even fish or something to the image to make the garden seem more… teeming with life, but I suppose such details get missed when you rush at the end to get the image finished! Perhaps I’ll add such details to an image next time.

Anyway, this image came into existence all because I found this thing from ages ago lying dormant in one of my art folders:

I should have posted it as the first work in progress image in that first blog entry about this painting!


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