Climbing Dragon

Original: 25 Apr, 2010

For the last two weeks, I’ve been trying to get myself to start drawing and colouring something, though it’s been annoyingly difficult after having spent five weeks mostly not drawing. It’s made me feel annoyingly out of practise and I’ve been struggling to uh… get used to drawing again. Today, I ended up unexpectedly sketching a rather loose image and then started painting over it immediately. After a while of rather vague brush strokes, I ended up with something like this:

Climbing Dragon WIP I

I liked the general colour scheme, but the thought of actually trying to go into any more detail than that seemed really daunting since I’d have to attempt to make the cliff look like a cliff and the background below look uh… like whatever it’s supposed to be, and I don’t really know how I should go about that. I’ll be needing reference, I suppose.

I didn’t actually WANT to try finishing this, but I didn’t have anything better to do and it felt bothersome to just let the image go to waste, so I forced myself to work on it bit by bit until eventually it started looking better than I expected and it no longer felt daunting to work on. Eventually I ended up with this:

Climbing Dragon WIP II

I added wings since it seemed uh… compositionally better with more blue sticking out to the right. I’ve also made more progress since then, but not enough to warrant posting another progress image. Hopefully I’ll finish this within the next few days though…!


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