A Griffin in the Clouds

Original: 15th May, 2010

I started sketching something earlier today and, gasp, I’ve started colouring it! And I’m actually feeling somewhat excited to be working on it, though my hand is getting sore and slowing my progress. This is what I have so far along with some background-related sketchings:


I want to have uh… *cloudy wisps* washing over the griffin’s wings, which is why all those straight purple lines exist around the griffin. Also, I’ve never tried drawing *buildings* in the background of an image (that I can remember, at least), so that will be somewhat of an experiment when I get to colouring that part! I feel like I should add some more buildings or something near that bottom-left corner, since that seems a bit… too empty.

As I’ve been working on this, I’ve been taking screenshots of what I’m doing since I’m sort of hoping to put together a ‘Colouring With Lines’ tutorial when I’ve finished the painting. Hopefully. Though, for all I know, I could change my mind half of the way through colouring and get rid of the lines or something!

Edit – 8:38pm
And, like I sort of predicted, I ended up getting rid of the lines after all!

I found that it looked less… ‘flat’ or something without the lines and I liked how the griffin’s colours looked against the background colours without the lines separating the two. I also accidentally ended up with a feather texture I liked! I started with the feathered areas shaded softly, but then used the eyedropper tool and the hard-edged brush with about half opacity and some lowish flow number and made rows of short, fat strokes with a lighter colour, moving slightly into a darker colour, then eye-droppering a slightly darker colour than what I was using and proceeding further… I’ve been wanting to use that sort of technique for grass, except with uh… much narrower brush strokes, of course…


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