A Firequillish Sketch

Original: 17th June, 2010

For days, I’ve mostly been drawing tigers and trying to improve at those, though most of the drawings I’ve done and kept are in my sketchbook, which I haven’t scanned or anything, so I can’t show those. Today though, I ended up drawing this thing since I sort of wanted to draw a more recent version of Firequill:

I’m satisfied with how the upper body turned out, but I’ve been having troubles with the positioning of the legs and I’m also unsure of how to make the individual feathers of the wings look good…! It’s unfortunate that I seem to find this discouraging rather than just thinking of it as a challenge to be overcome; it makes me want to run away from the image altogether. I’m hoping I’ll continue with it tomorrow rather than leaving it be, but uh… we shall see…!


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