Perching Dragon Work In Progress

Original: 7th Jan, 2010

I didn’t spend quite as much time practicing today as I would have liked. I did TRY, but couldn’t really get into the right state of mind at all and just felt rushed. I DID, however, start something that I could potentially finish. This is what I have so far:

Perching Dragon - Work In Progress

This originally started as some really scribbly thing that I didn’t expect would go anywhere, but now it’s that! I want to try to add to the design of the dragon to make it more interesting than it is. Maybe I should give it some swirly, glowy patterns on its body or something? I’ve been wanting to do something like that for a while… Though that sort of appearance doesn’t suit the background I currently have; if I wanted something glowy, the rest of the scene would probably be better off in dim light so the glow would stand out rather than just contributing to more light. Though, this isn’t a huge problem since I want to change the background ANYWAY. Possibly to something more fantastical, but I’m currently unsure of what. I should try to decide on a colour scheme too. Maybe I should draw something that would also include glowing floaty things in the air or something? Bizarre topographical features or ruins…? Oddly-shaped trees? It’s hard to decide, but hopefully I’ll think of something that would be exciting to colour…!


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