Perching Dragon III

Original: 10th Jan, 2010

Finally, after the last few days of not knowing what sort of background to give this thing, I started on one. I decided to look up photography on deviantART to see if I could find a colour scheme in a photo that I’d like to try in this image, and I found one.

Perching Dragon - Work In Progress III

And so I started painting the background. I seem to be improving at clouds, though I still want to work on that cloud background and add something more interesting to it like cloud serpents or something, diving in and out of the clouds…? Which probably isn’t the most original thing in the world, but at least it’s more interesting than serpentless clouds.

Hours after that, working on the dragon itself, I’ve got it to this point:

Perching Dragon - Work In Progress IV

I need to finish that right wing and the tail feathers and then probably make a new layer with some fancy blending mode to add more shading to the dragon… And I actually drew HAIR for the first time in a long time, and I did a better job at it than I expected myself to. So uh… huzzah or something!


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