Perching Dragon II

Original: 9th Jan, 2010

Unfortunately, I haven’t made much progress at all on the image in my previous post. I’m stuck because I haven’t yet decided on a background even though I’ve gone through about five or six different background sketches…

So far, it looks like this:

Perching Dragon - Work In Progress II

It is not much different from before, but now it is sitting on and surrounded by floating blocky things. I’d like to have a sort of magical/fantastical background thing, but I’m struggling to think of much that would fit that sort of theme while also having a composition that looks good… Maybe I should try to draw some weird castle thing in the background floating on a small island of rock with other floating blocks and things around it? I’m no good at drawing buildings though, so I don’t know… It’s annoying wanting to start colouring something, but being unable to due to being stuck on something like deciding what the background should be! Woe!

Other than my non-progress on that, I’ve sort of been trying to improve anatomy skills… I have no sketches to show for it as none of them were really good enough to save. Maybe I should get back to that now since I didn’t do much… Hopefully I’ll be able to focus better now than I could earlier, but we shall see…!


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