First Entry and Dog Drawing

Original: 6th Jan, 2010

The only things about this bloggy thing that are currently working are the front page’s blog entry displaying ability and this blog entry submission page, but that’s enough to at least start writing things. Hopefully I can remember to use this to go over my artistic thoughts and maybe it will motivate me to draw more.

Though I’ve spent most of the day working on this blog thing, I’ve now finally taken some time to attempt drawing something. I found a photo of a dog on deviantART yesterday and its pose inspired me a lot to try to draw something in the same pose. This is the photo I was referencing.

After about an hour of sketching, starting over, and correcting mistakes, my result is this:

Running Wolf

It took more tries than I would have liked, and even though I got “somewhat close” to the original pose, there are still things that bother me about this significantly. One being the angle of the wolf’s head, which I was having difficulty with since I wanted to try drawing the head from my imagination after doing the rest of the body by observation; my mind felt like it was still in an observing mode and I struggled to put much effort into visualising the angle/shape of the head in my mind…

After the head, I added fur to the body, but I made the chest fur too long (it is longer than the fur in the stomach area/between the legs), so it appears as though the wolf’s chest is deeper than it should be, which also makes the dogs waist seem too thin. The hind legs bother me as well as they seem sort of too… flimsy or something? I think they might be a bit too thin compared to the photograph I was referencing. They might not be bent quite the same way and just sort of seem like they’re floating limp behind the dog rather than being in motion. It also might not help that I thickened the wolf’s front legs, so that might also be contributing to my “flimsy” feeling about the hind legs…

Anyway, I’ve never been very good at drawing from observation, but I don’t actually TRY very often… I want to make it more of a habit since I’ll probably learn faster if I do.


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