Dragon Cloud, Pose Practise

Original: 12th Jan, 2010

I finished that “Perching Dragon” thing yesterday morning, but didn’t end up writing about it at all…

But yes, I finished it! And I have mixed feelings about it, though I think I usually do after each piece of artwork I make. I’m pleased with myself for having the patience to put as much detail into the dragon as I did and am even surprised by the dragon’s mane and how it turned out better than I expected. It’s sort of inspired me to draw more “hairy” things.

The shading, however, bothers me, especially on that left wing since it looks so uh… well, “wrong”, I suppose. I probably rush too much with shading sometimes and don’t take the time to try to get things looking right and instead just try to get it done as quickly as possible. Not a good habit!

And uh… I’ve also been trying to draw more dynamic poses?!

Pouncing Dragon

Though I wasn’t very pleased with it when I first drew it, I’m starting to wonder if I should return to it and refine it tomorrow or something since I’m liking it more after not having looked at it in a while… I’m usually intimidated by drawing dynamic poses, but I’m also excited about the idea of being CAPABLE of drawing dynamic poses and am glad that I’m trying to.

I’m also too tired to type very detailedly or clearly or anything.


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