2010 Firequill

Original: 16th Jan, 2010

Sometime within the last few days (time is such a blur that I can’t even remember when I was working on this…!), I started working on this drawing and have been making layer after layer of sketches on top of sketches to try to correct mistakes and get it closer to how I want it to look.

2010 Firequill - Work in Progress

I’ve been having so much trouble finding a good position for the legs though… I’ve drawn them in various different positions, but none of them really look right and I’m not sure what to do about it, so I’m not sure if I’ll even get around to colouring this thing. It seems unlikely, but who knows. I might just start over and try a different pose, though I do want to keep the wing perspective I’ve currently got since it seems somewhat dynamic. I’d also like the rest of the pose to be more dynamic, so maybe it would be good idea to start over anyway.

I haven’t been doing as much art as I would like recently though due to university courses having started a few days ago and worrying about or distracting myself from worry about that by playing games rather than being productive has been consuming my time and focus. I have been trying to draw wolves or other doggish things though, plus whatever other creatures end up coming to mind, but those sketches are in my sketchbook and not really worth scanning and showing since they’re not especially interesting or detailed or anything.


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